Dudley's Original Maribou Jig

Created in the 1970’s and gifted to my dad, Jerry Dudley (the first "D" in D2), this head is one of a kind that causes the jig to spiral down in the water creating a wounded creature presentation.  When combined with the life-like flowing action from high quality marabou feathers and a collar that securely holds the feathers (guaranteed), fish can’t resist it! Read our whole story in the “D2 Jigs Legacy” section.

What's Special About This Jig?

Ultra-light Fishing At It’s Funnest!

When fish attack these jigs, you better hang on because it’s ULTRA-LIGHT fishing which makes it that much more fun!  The jigs come in unlimited marabou color combinations and in 3 sizes with the smallest being 1/16 ounce and the biggest being 1/8 ounce which means light line fishing!  We recommend 2-4 pound line and a 6 to 7 foot ultra-light to light action rod when fishing these jigs (although you can get away with 6 pound line on the heavier sizes).

Tips & Techniques

It Doesn't Just Catch Trout!

Smallmouth Love 'Em!